Commission: Twitch Banners – LiterallyTony

Any twitch users out there? ✨ I got to explore the platform this week and surprisingly enjoyed the experience! It was fun to have company, while working on art, and engage with others online. ?

This week, I got the opportunity to work on a three part commission for @literallytony ✌️ I designed his Starting Soon, Offline and Twitch banner. I enjoyed drawing him and his cute bread duck, Kiiroitori! They look so adorable together. ??

Go check out his streams! He’s a casual play through twitch gamer/otaku who is currently finishing Final Fantasy 13-3: Lightning Returns. You can catch him on his streams every Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 9PM EST. Literallytony is involved in variety of charities such as Extra Life, WWF Australia and GameDay, so check the links out if you want to participate in any of his current charities!

So, want to get your twitch banners, icons, emotes or badges done? Contact me for commissions at! I would be totally down to make yours!
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