Magic the Gathering: Shaman Merfolk Token

This custom Magic the Gathering (MTG) commission of a Merfolk Shaman was super fun to draw!?‍♀? It’s really cool that my client loves to have custom artwork in his deck. What a great way to support local artists and have something unique and personal for a deck-building game you love.

I thoroughly enjoyed drawing the details of her shell crown. I’ve always wanted to feel like a fierce water goddess and wear something magickal like that! However, I do not know where and when I’d wear such a thing. Perhaps in my bath tub? Haha!

Designers who can make these are freaking talented. These fantasy themed accessories can range from $130-$500. Just to name a few artists, check these guys out on Etsy: 1) CDEITYDESIGNS 2) Rougepony 3) ScarletHarlow

Anyway, if you’re interested in getting your own custom Magic the Gathering token done, feel free to contact me for commissions at

I look forward to working with you!
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