Commission: InThirdPerson Twitch Emotes!

Lately, I’ve been making custom Twitch emotes for a few streamers out there! I love making these and seeing them used live in chat. This time around, I got the pleasure to work with @inthirdperson! He commissioned 3 Twitch emotes:

Victory Icon: He often plays Tetris 99 and always aim to achieve the Tetris Maximus status!

Snorlax: This Pokemon has been his streaming partner since the very beginning! Coincidentally Snorlax is also my favourite so I’m super stoked that I got the chance to make this!

Airhorn: For all types of hype moments, InThirdPerson uses an airhorn. Now you get to blast one too! PEW PEW PEW!

Funny story, I came across him randomly while I was working on another Twitch related commission. I noticed that he was playing Overwatch, a game I play very often, so I stopped by to watch his stream. After a few minutes, I decided to follow him and little did I know, he noticed and made a loud airhorn announcement of my presence! I was completely shocked that I was suddenly noticed, cause this never happened to me before, so I stayed online and got to know him better. He’s super hilarious and entertaining to watch. Go catch his streams live and join in chat!

You can gain access to these lovely 3 Twitch emotes if you get a tier 1 sub to

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