Commission: Dungeons & Dragons

I’ve been playing a Dungeons and Dragons campaign with a group of 9 friends for about 2 years now and for the first time ever, I got to draw everyone’s characters! ? Typically it’s recommended to play with a max of 5-6 players because it’ll be difficult for the Dungeon Master (DM) to juggle everyone. However, our group like role playing together so we try our best to make it work.

This year for Christmas, our Dungeon Master commissioned me to create a poster that features the finale of the second act of his campaign where our ragtag group has been assigned to save the world from an impending doom… The Demogorgon!! ? It is a powerful demon lord from the Abyss whom many demons have challenged but none could defeat it.

The Demogorgon at Watcher’s Keep

As a group, we’ve been through a lot and I hope we experience many more adventures together after we defeat this monster (fingers crossed). Cheers!!! ? Feel free to support and follow my work here: @hqagoncillo
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