Calluna Vulgaris

Any Dungeons and Dragons players out there? Do you enjoy the character creation process? I know I do! I got to play a new Druid Minotaur last week named “Calluna Vulgaris”. It’s the scientific name of Heather which are known to be resilient weeds found growing on Scottish mountains.

Calluna was sent out to the upperworld to hone her craft and fulfill her future role as the protector of the labyrinths, found below Rivenshire. It’s unlikely for a Minotaur to leave the labyrinths, but in order to develop new techniques, Calluna managed to convince her elders to let her enroll into the Magic School of Wayward Heroes. She successfully got into the school and due to her race, she awkwardly stands out among her classmates even though they are the same age. It’s fun to role play her because her voice is very deep and airy. I’m super excited to watch her grow in @kevinqagoncillo’s campaign!

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